Fellow dietitians and nutritionists, if you are in your office, look around you. Is your desk full of files, charts, papers, notes and calendars? Are you having a tough time keeping track of appointments and changes in your schedule? Do you spend a lot of time going through food lists each time you create a new meal plan for a patient? What if we told you there is a way to eliminate all these issues in a very simple, modern and efficient manner.

Luckily, we live in a time where technology can be the helping hand that we need. Instead of adding to your staff, you can just find a solution that fits your needs. Don’t think about costly hardware or software that requires training just to be installed. We are talking about a management app that can make your work a lot easier, help you be more organized and increase professional satisfaction. Hey, isn’t that what we are all looking for? A state-of-the-art management app can help you gain more free time and reduce stress levels.

Nutritionist Assistant: All-in-One Management App

Is there such an app, you might be wondering? Yes. The Nutritionist Assistant team is working on a desktop application that will help nutritionists and dietitians make the best of their work. More precisely, it will help registered dietitians and nutritionists keep track of all their clients or patients, their visits and meal plans, but also calculate body indices and obtain useful metrics automatically for each of them.

So, imagine that instead of having tons of papers, calendars and documents stacked up on your desk, and folders and notes in your computer or phone, you could centralize all this information in just one place. Basically, this app will be the virtual assistant you always dreamed of that will even send clients emails to remind them of their scheduled appointment. Not to mention the fact that monthly costs for this ‘virtual employee’ are considerably lower than what a new staff member would cost.

While we cannot fully reveal the app’s features and functionalities, we can tell you that the wait will soon be over and you might be able to test them yourselves. Until then, we would like to touch on the benefits of organizing your work. How can a management app help you?

Less Stress, More Happiness

An organized schedule and a clear record of clients will help avoid “no-shows” and crammed appointments that will leave you exhausted at the end of a workday. Stress is the main factor that leads to reduced productivity and health issues, so this will be the most important gain.

More Free Time

Who doesn’t want more time to spend with friends and family or to invest in a new hobby? If you use the right management application, you won’t have to spend time filling out dozens of forms or charts, scrabbling on calendars or just finding post it notes on your desk. With all visits tracked and all tasks planned out, you will have more time to relax or to address other sectors of your work.

Increased Productivity

With the help of this management app, you will have more valuable resources for your patients and up-to-date metrics that will make tracking progress a lot easier. This will help you get better results as you will be able to focus the effort and resources you put in your work more precisely.

Less Cost

A management app will help you take care of various tasks more efficiently and deal with administrative issues without the help of an actual assistant. This will help cut cost with staff. Since you will only need one program to plan visits, send reminders, calculate metrics and keep track of all your clients, you will save on licensing agreements for other software.

More Profit

O.K., so money doesn’t really count, but it actually does. In the end, if your work will be more efficient, you will be able to see more patients and obtain better results with each. This will help you obtain better reviews and ratings, and increase prestige. If you obtain financial satisfaction, you might be even more motivated to investment in your practice.

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