Nutritionist Assistant introduces a virtual hero, the hero that the people need in 2018 and beyond. Dr. Livegood is a digital dietitian that will provide our followers with interesting information, funny thoughts, useful research and reminders to lead a balanced lifestyle. Also known as “nutrition world’s best kept secret”, he will constantly pop up on our social media platforms to add the good mood factor in our day-to-day life and particularly when we take things too seriously.

Why we asked Dr. Livegood to join us?

In a world of the self-proclaimed nutrition experts, we decided it was time for a hero to help us navigate the multitude of information that gets thrown at us. In short, Dr. Livegood may not have several degrees to make him a real qualified doctor, he does have something many out there lack—common sense—that part of a conscience that helps people act in harmony with what is around them. No, Dr. Livegood does not charge for his knowledge and good mood he provides. He knows that the best things in life are free and likes to give to others before receiving anything.

At Nutritionist Assistant, we are working on a digital tool that helps registered dietitians all over the world to be more efficient. While our mission is as serious as possible, we wanted to have someone by our side to communicate our updates and various fun facts. Dr. Livegood is a great character that strikes the perfect balance between a serious professional and a cool, kooky scientist. He is an important addition to our team and we can’t wait for you to get to meet him and see what he’s really like. That may take a while, but he promised it will be an enjoyable ride. Stay tuned for our #DrLivegood posts.

Who is Dr. Livegood?

Dr. Livegood is the only virtual nutritionist you will ever need, because in real life you will need a qualified registered dietitian for expert advice on diet and lifestyle changes to improve health (and appearance). In the meantime, you can entertain yourself with some fun nutrition facts from the green-haired nutrition doctor who loves a good debate, a recipe for a healthy (but hearty) meal and who is also very much aware that an improvement in our general health needs not only good food for the tummy, but food for the soul as well.

Don’t be fooled by his green, broccoli-inspired hairdo and thick mustache, Dr. Livegood takes his job seriously and is a supporter of the traditional, science-based practice. He is not too keen on offering diet advice, but he loves to point out ridiculous facts going around. Dr. Livegood is an expert in humor, irony and is no stranger to sarcasm. He knows the habits of his peers very well as well as their weaknesses, but can also recognize a dedicated professional at a glance.

He is a committed professional who will not hesitate in promoting a product or service that he tested and enjoyed. He will not promote anything for money, because as a virtual character he doesn’t really need money (not even bitcoins). He will only recommend things he truly believes in and is not afraid to take a chance with something new.

A social doctor

Dr. Livegood loves interaction on social media and is always happy to hear opinions from his followers. He understands constructive criticism and feels that learning is a continuous process. He is open to trying new things and hearing about innovative solutions to ancient problems. The kooky doctor loves the environment and knows that all things on this planet are connected, which is why all our decisions, whether related to food or otherwise, bear a drop of responsibility towards the world we live in.

Dr. Livegood is also a very good planner, an expert with scheduling and efficient use of time. He likes to be organized and knows how to keep all his patient data in place. He likes to be able to access a personal file at a click of a button and see all the metrics, meal plans and evolution of a patient. For this, he uses the Nutritionist Assistant desktop app, which he often recommends. Actually, the team at Nutritionist Assistant decided to allow Dr. Livegood to use all the app’s social channels to express himself and interact with people interested in nutrition, food, health, wellness, feeling and looking good, and having a good time.

Why you should follow us and Dr. Livegood?

Because we are focused on a topic that is, for good reason, gaining more and more popularity nowadays—nutrition/food/diet. We will talk about food, diets, nutrition, vegans, Paleo supporters, recipes, alternative treatments, share precious advice from registered dietitians all over the world and have fun in the meantime. Dr. Livegood and ourselves will be happy to hear from you, so don’t be shy now… make sure to reply to our tweets, DM us on Instagram and comment on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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