Keep your practice organized.

Nutritionist Assistant is an online service that helps you manage your private practice more efficiently. Less time organizing files and folders, more time caring for your customers.

Keep your practice organized.

Improve Your Practice

Keep track of all your work.

Save Time

Find all your files and charts in one place.

Focus on Results

Get instant metrics for each client.

Less Canceled Visits

Become a scheduling expert.


Simple, Intuitive, Easy

We provide the necessary tools for a more effortless and modern type of private practice management. Discover a smart way of using your resources.


Schedule all customer visits using the calendar and we will send them reminders. A great way to avoid no-shows and overlaps.

Meal Planner

Put together customized meal plans using our extensive food data base. Calculate calories and include minerals to cover deficiencies.


Get instant evaluations for each customer and use them to target specific objectives.


Customize the services you provide to your customers down to the last detail. Add in various values and keep track of their evolution.


Provide complex and complete counseling sessions that will improve results for your customers.


We thrive on sincere and constructive feedback, which is why we do our best to be by our users’ side each time they need us.

Why Nutritionist Assistant?

Keeps all your files in one place.

Nutritionist Assistant is a one stop shop for all the information regarding your practice’s activity. Patient records, meal plans, measurements, anamnesis, statistics, appointments and more.

Why Nutritionist Assistant?

Built for RDs and nutritionists.

The Nutritionist Assistant web app was designed and built specifically for registered dietitians and nutritionists. We worked closely with nutrition specialists in order to provide a product that is easy to use, but very efficient. We found out that it is essential to have all customer files in one place, and an easy way to access and update them. We also learned how dietitians prioritize and organize their work and agenda, which allowed us to create scheduling features that satisfy even the most demanding user.

Why Nutritionist Assistant?

Grow your private practice.

When the main aspects related to managing your business are covered, you will have more time to focus on improving and expanding your services. Our product is the best choice for you, if you’ve been contemplating the possibility of hiring an assistant for a while now. A helping hand with a lot less cost and effort.

Why Nutritionist Assistant?

Give it a try. No charge. No long-term commitments.

Continuous Growth

Continuous Growth

Nutritionist Assistant is an ever evolving product. Our mission is to support registered dietitians and nutritionists in their daily activities. We like to keep things simple and easy, so that’s what we had in mind when we created the application. We are constantly improving and adding features in order to make your job easier, so we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Easy Access

Nutritionist Assistant is an online service and you can access it from anywhere.


Your data is stored securely and backup is done daily. Nutritionist Assistant uses only SSL connections.

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